PTS Plug In Massage Gun

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The professional muscle massage gun helps promote muscle mobility and decrease post-body soreness, pains and aches. And our massager is currently the quietest on the market, under 55 decibels of noise to relaxing experience. Let your road of exercise no longer bother. Choose different gears based on your own preferences, and experience the VIP muscle relaxation just at home. Take a deep breath, and be ready to relieve all the pains and sore, and just relax from head to toe.


  • The muscle massager uses pulsating vibrations to provide benefits for health.
  • The massager for gun can activate the muscles, stimulate blood flow, greatly reduce muscle recovery time, relieve pain and relax.
  • Suitable for people who has back pain and working in construction, nursing, sports, crossfit etc.
  • Six level intensity setting modes allowing you to select.
  • Silicone and wooden tips for your spine, muscle and the whole body.
  • The massage head is suitable for small and large muscle groups, and designed for joint parts, deep tissue, trigger points, also designed for massaging spine, neck and shoulder.
  • The massage gun is equipped with 6 massage heads with different massage effects, which are very convenient to replace.



Color: Orange

Material: ABS + Metal

Mode: Adjustable 6 Level

Voltage: 110V/220V

Max Speed: 3000/min

Amplitude: 20mm

Maximum volume: 85 decibels


Heads Type:

Type 1: EVA ball head

Diameter: 50mm

Type 2: U-head (ABS)

Width: 58mm

Type 3: Bullet massage head (ABS)

Diameter: 25mm

Type 4: T-head (ABS)

Upper circle diameter 40mm

Type 5EVA big ball head

Diameter: 60mm

Type 6: Spade headABS

Width: 58mm


What’s included?

1 x Massage for Gun

6 x Massage Tips