Why Massage Guns Help Treat Pain

Why Massage Guns Help Treat Pain

Are you a gym-goer or professional athlete that is experiencing chronic pain in your muscles and joints? Perhaps you have used lots of medication to get rid of the pain, but nothing seems to be working. However, one of the little-known discoveries today is the potency of massage guns and the miracles they wrought on muscles.


A massage gun is a device that is usually employed in percussive therapy. If you have had a massage before, then you know how heavenly it can be. But do you know that massage guns can intensify that extraordinarily good feeling while reducing muscle soreness? 

A massage gun also helps to alleviate pain in your muscles and joints, thereby improving range of motion. This is why massage guns are the rage today as athletes of all ages and gender are always eager to recover after grueling workouts.

How a massage gun works

A massage gun works by facilitating blood flow while decreasing the amount of lactic acid in the muscles. They also efficiently interrupt the pain cycle in the human brain. It is a costly device; however, the value you will get more than makes up for the high price tag.

Some massage guns work using a thumping or circular motion but with varying pressure and speeds. This is why you need to take the following into consideration when shopping for one:

The weight of the unit

Noise level

Number of tips that are available for both specific and generalized application

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